Flywheel - Security & Privacy Measures

Flywheel is committed to providing a secure, private platform for its managed WordPress hosting services. This includes features to keep your site and data safe, such as automatically updating software, providing malware protection, and taking steps to secure your login information and user accounts.

Flywheel's managed hosting service utilizes encryption solutions from industry leaders, such as SSL and Encrypted Customer Storage. These security solutions provide peace of mind for you, knowing that your data and information stored with Flywheel is safe and secure.

Flywheel also provides manual security reviews of your websites and databases. This in-depth review process is designed to detect any possible security issues and take the necessary steps to protect you and your data.

Your account information, user credentials, and billing info are also kept secure through an encrypted connection between Flywheel’s servers and your browser. Flywheel keeps your data safe with multiple layers of encryption, meaning that even if your data is intercepted, the encryption will prevent anyone from accessing its contents.

Flywheel’s commitment to security and privacy doesn’t stop there. The Flywheel team continually evaluates the latest security threats and proactively evaluates ways to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. The team works closely with industry partners and experts to ensure that Flywheel’s security processes are up to date.

From automatic software updates to manual security reviews, Flywheel provides multiple solutions to keep you and your website safe from malicious attacks and intrusions. With Flywheel’s commitment to providing the most secure hosting platform possible, you can be assured that your data and information is kept safe and secure.