Flywheel - Locations of Their Data Centers

Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting platform designed to serve the needs of creative professionals and agencies. Flywheel works to provide a convenient web hosting experience for their users, allowing them to easily build, scale and manage multiple WordPress hosted sites. One key factor for any web hosting provider is the location of their data centers.

Flywheel has strategically invested in data centers located across the world, providing fast and reliable hosting services to clients no matter their geographic location. With four locations spanning across the United States, Europe and Asia, Flywheel is able to ensure high levels of accessibility and performance for all of its clients.

In the United States, Flywheel’s data centers are located in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Both of these facilities are connected to networks of extremely high-speed internet, and their built-in redundancies provide for 99.95% availability.

With a data center presence in the United Kingdom, Flywheel can also provide improved performance to European based WordPress sites. Utilizing the latest hardware and data center technologies, Flywheel is able to provide improved services over its competitors in the region.

Finally, Flywheel also maintains a data center in Singapore. Along with Singapore, this data center also services countries in the Asia Pacific region. Flywheel’s Singapore data center provides increased speed and reliability to Pacific based WordPress sites.

Overall, Flywheel’s has put in place a data center strategy that enables them to power WordPress sites all over the world. With high-speed internet and built-in redundancies, Flywheel is able to ensure maximum uptime and performance for all of its clients, no matter their location.