What types of air duct cleaning equipment and methods does PowerVac America use?

PowerVac America is a commercial air duct cleaning company that services the state of Texas and specializes in air duct cleaning, commercial coil cleaning and commercial air handler unit cleaning. The company has years of experience and uses specialized equipment and methods to perform air duct cleaning services.

The advanced air duct cleaning equipment used by PowerVac America is designed specifically for residential and commercial ventilation systems. It includes high-end vacuums and other specialized tools capable of cleaning out the air ducts and removing trapped dust, dirt, and debris that can build up over time. The equipment also has powerful agitators that can loosen up dirt buildup and dust particles so they can be easily removed.

PowerVac America also employs advanced air duct cleaning methods to ensure that the job is done correctly. These methods involve first clearing the ducts of any blockages and ensuring that all dirt, debris, and dust has been removed. Then, they use high-pressure air to finish up the cleaning process. This intense air pressure is used to move the dirt and dust from deep within the air ducts and remove additional buildup. Afterward, a sealant is often used to help protect the duct system from any unseen damage or future buildup.

The company is also certified in air duct mold remediation and has the necessary tools and techniques to prevent and address any type of mold or mildew growth in an air duct system. They use specialized negative air devices, HEPA-filtered vacuums and powerful disinfectants to remove mold from air ducts and make sure the air is of the highest quality.

PowerVac America provides high-quality air duct cleaning services using some of the most advanced equipment and methods available. Their experienced team of certified professionals can ensure that their customers’ air duct systems are clean and up to the highest safety standards. Through their extensive experience, the company is able to offer their customers reliable, safe, and efficient cleaning services in Houston, Austin, Sugar Land, Pearland, Cypress, and The Woodlands, Texas.