What Different Types of Rental Traffic Control Equipment Does Regional Traffic Services Offer?

Rental traffic control equipment is an essential tool for ensuring the safety of road work zones and other hazardous areas. Regional Traffic Services offers a wide range of rental traffic control equipment to meet the needs of any job. From temporary barricades and cones to road signs and traffic control devices, Regional Traffic Services has the traffic control equipment needed to keep pedestrians, vehicle operators and worksite crews safe.

Barricades and cones are essential pieces of rental traffic control equipment for creating a safe workspace and funneling traffic around an area. Regional Traffic Services offers a wide variety of barricades, including temporary wood and metal barricades as well as more permanent barriers like concrete Jersey barriers and K-rail barricades. Cone shapes and sizes vary from 12 to 28 inches and, depending on the job requirements, can be offered with LED lights for better visibility.

Regional Traffic Services also offers a variety of signs and traffic control devices needed to keep automobiles flowing in their designated lanes, such as channelizers and delineators. Channelizers are used to create temporary lane shifts and direct traffic in the right direction. Delineators are placed along highways, bike lanes and Parking lots to help separate vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, Regional Traffic Services offers a wide selection of traffic safety signs to warn of hazardous areas, inform drivers of speed limits or direct them to certain exits.

For jobs requiring more complex traffic control systems, Regional Traffic Services provides temporary traffic signals and other monitoring devices like speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs and school bus signs. These sophisticated devices help keep pedestrians, drivers and worksite crews safe when working in hazardous areas and complex traffic situations.

Stay safe on the job with rental traffic control equipment from Regional Traffic Services. Whether the job requires barricades, cones, signs, traffic control devices, or specialized traffic signals, Regional Traffic Services has the right traffic control equipment to help keep pedestrians and worksite crews safe. Visit their website to find out more about their rental services and how they can help protect workers.