What types of masonry restoration do Masonry Solutions offer?

What types of masonry restoration do Masonry Solutions offer?

Masonry Solutions is a full-service masonry restoration company serving the greater Houston-Metro area. With a focus on providing excellent customer satisfaction, Masonry Solutions offers a wide range of masonry services to both residential and commercial property owners. From routine maintenance to complex construction projects, Masonry Solutions is committed to delivering quality results every time.

One of the most sought after services offered by Masonry Solutions is tuckpointing and mortar repair. This type of restoration works by tucking existing mortar in joints and replacing it with fresh mortar to protect the integrity of the interior and exterior masonry walls. For properties built before modern times, the number of years during which tuckpointing should be done depends on the mortar used and the severity of the environment.

Masonry Solutions also specializes in chimney repair and restoration. Weather exposure; uneven settling and shifting in foundations; age; pet, bird and animal activity; poor construction or installation; and simple wear and tear can cause damage to chimneys and fireplace structures. The experienced restoration technicians at Masonry Solutions can diagnose and repair any existing damage to restore the structure.

Over time, exposure to the elements can cause stress fractures, scaling, and spalling in masonry walls and mortar joints. Masonry Solutions offers an open-systems approach to re-grouting and cleaning the inner and outer masonry surfaces. This type of restoration protects the walls from further damage while also improving the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Masonry Solutions provides masonry restoration services that not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the structure, but also protect it from future damage. From traditional tuckpointing and mortar repair to complex chimney repairs, Masonry Solutions offers comprehensive restoration services for architecture of all types and ages. With their commitment to excellence and quality, Masonry Solutions is the go-to for all types of masonry restoration in the Houston Metro area.