J.Q. Brick Repair & Restoration Services LLC - Houston, TX - Gallery

J.Q. Brick Repair & Restoration Services LLC is the go-to company in the Houston, TX area for all of your brick repair and restoration needs. Whether it is new construction or renovations to existing properties, J.Q. Brick provides quality craftsmanship, great customer service, and competitive pricing. With their highly experienced and proficient staff, their team has over 30 years of combined experience in the brick repair and restoration industry.

J.Q. Brick's gallery showcases the variety of projects they've completed in the past. From residential projects such as patio and porch upgrades, to commercial and industrial projects such as building repairs and restoration, they are experienced in a wide range of brick repair and restoration services. Their portfolio includes everything from large-scale exterior projects to simple interior renovations, such as repairing and repointing damaged brickwork.

Not only does J.Q. Brick offer an array of services, but they focus on providing outstanding customer service. They understand the importance of clear communication and timely execution, which ensures that customers get the best results possible. Their team prides itself in working closely with clients to ensure that all needs, both large and small, are promptly met.

From their services to their gallery, it's clear that J.Q. Brick is the premier choice for all of your brick repair and restoration needs in the Houston, TX area. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they are the perfect choice for any and all brick repair and restoration projects. From the beginning of the project to its completion, they strive to ensure that their customers receive the highest level of service possible. To see some of their past projects and learn more about J.Q. Brick Repair & Restoration Services LLC, take a look at their gallery.