Types of services offered by Stonecraft Builders

Stonecraft Builders is a home remodeling business located in Houston, Texas. With years of experience in improving homes in the Houston area, Stonecraft Builders offer a range of services to help homeowners create their dream home. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to home additions, as well as custom design services, Stonecraft Builders covers all bases when it comes to home remodeling.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom projects, Stonecraft Builders specialize in providing high-quality materials and craftsmanship that is customized to the homeowner’s needs. From countertops and cabinets to flooring and plumbing, Stonecraft ensures that all of the necessary elements are attended to and in perfect condition. Stonecraft can also help with selecting out the right appliances to complete your kitchen or bathroom.

For homeowners looking to add on to their existing home, Stonecraft can assist with everything from design to construction. From an extra bedroom to an additional floor, Stonecraft will work with you to create the addition you need and make sure it is done correctly and efficiently.

Stonecraft also offers custom design services for areas around the home such as landscaping, decks, pergolas and more. With the help of Stonecraft’s designers, homeowners can bring any ideas they have to life and make sure the final design meets their expectations and is properly implemented.

In addition to remodeling and custom design services, Stonecraft Builders also provides repair and maintenance services for existing homes. From fixing a cracked floorboard to replacing windows, Stonecraft will make sure that any existing issues are addressed and taken care of quickly.

For any Houston homeowner, Stonecraft Builders provides the services and expertise necessary to create their dream home. Whether it’s a full remodel or custom design project, Stonecraft Builders has the tools and experience needed to bring any vision to life.