Certifications and Accreditations Held By Colony Builders Inc

Certifications and Accreditations Held By Colony Builders Inc

Certifications and Accreditations Held by Colony Builders Inc.

Colony Builders Inc. is one of the leading construction companies in Houston, TX. With decades of experience, a team of expert professionals, and a commitment to providing quality service and exceeding customer expectations, it has become renowned for kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling, as well as windows and siding installation and repairs. To ensure assurance of quality services and customer satisfaction, the team at Colony Builders Inc. is highly credentialed, with a range of certifications and accreditations.

Colony Builders Inc is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a leading authority for consumers for all things related to business trustworthiness. The company also holds a prestigious membership of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), affirming their commitment to the industry, best practices and professional development.

The team at Colony Builders Inc., is supported by the Construction Financial Management Association, who provides industry resources and expertise to ensure they remain knowledgeable in both financial aspects and techniques. To remain up-to-date on the latest standards, the company’s staff is constantly receiving training at ProMatcher.com, a leading online resource for professional contractors.

Further, Colony Builders Inc. is committed to providing a good customer approach with both minimum and maximum standards of excellence. All employees have completed a five-phase safety program outlining safety practices, lift guidelines, and environmental laws, and are certified in the I-Cafe certification program.

Regardless of the size, scope or length of the project, these qualifications make Colony Builders Inc. one of the top choices for remodeling and repair services in Houston, TX. Customers can feel confident that their project is in capable and trusted hands, and the certified professionals at Colony Builders Inc. can be relied upon to provide the best quality services and results.