What technology does RTConsults use for nonmetallic inspections?

RTConsults is an experienced and leading engineering consulting business that specializes in nonmetallic inspections. Their dedicated teams of professionals are highly experienced in using advanced technologies to ensure effective evaluation of nonmetallic structures, components, materials, and assemblies. They have been providing this service for many years and their team has built a strong reputation in the industry.

RTCOnsults utilizes advanced technologies to provide comprehensive, nonmetallic inspections for a wide range of applications. They employ a variety of non-destructive and non-penetrative methods to inspect nonmetallic objects from a range of industries. Depending on the situation, these methods include Magnetic Induction Imaging (MII) and Ultrasonic C-scan (UT), as well as x-ray and eddy-current inspections.

RTCOnsults also uses Thermography (also known as infrared thermography) to detect and measure the surface temperatures of nonmetallic objects. This highly accurate method allows technicians to detect material defects and provide reliable data on the object’s temperature distribution.

The experts at RTConsults also use an array of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and advanced Digital Radiography (DR) methods to determine the acoustic impediments of nonmetallic structures. This is used to detect flaws and cracks in nonmetallic objects, as well as measure their thicknesses.

RTConsults provides a full range of high-end inspection solutions that have been designed and optimized to meet specific needs. Their experienced technicians understand the process of in-process and post-process inspections, and they work closely with the owner or contractor to ensure the most accurate and results-driven solutions. The team at RTConsults is full of experts that are highly skilled in both nonmetallic and metallic inspections. Together, this team strives to provide clients with knowledge, safety, and trustworthiness when it comes to nonmetallic inspections.