What services does KBR provide?

What services does KBR provide?

KBR is a global technology and engineering solutions company that provides governments and companies across the world with innovative and advanced services. Founded over a century ago, KBR has provided critical services to its customers in sectors such as energy, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, defense, industrial and government services, space and technology, environmental, water and wastewater management, manufacturing, automation, and aerospace.

KBR’s services span a wide range of areas, from engineering design, project management and development to construction, decommissioning and operations. Their portfolio covers the entire engineering and construction lifecycle, from start to finish, and the organization’s services can be tailored to the specific requirements of each project, no matter how complex. KBR also offers specialized engineering and consulting services, leveraging their extensive knowledge accumulated during the past century.

In the energy and oil and gas space, KBR’s services cover upstream and downstream production and processing, ranging from engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of new plants and facilities, to operations and maintenance of existing plants, and the production launch of new facilities.

In the industrial and government sector, KBR provides a wide array of services from construction management and logistics to IT and defense contracting. Their capabilities extend to the development and implementation of industrial technologies, automated operations, and informations systems and analytics solutions for specialized sectors. KBR also offers services for environmental engineering, supply and maintenance of military equipment, aviation, and nuclear power and process plants.

KBR’s activities in the chemicals and petrochemicals sectors includes engineering, procurement and construction support operations, process technology solutions, environment management, and safety and compliance. KBR also provides services for the production and development of ammonia, natural gas liquids, and heavy metals used by the petrochemical industry.

KBR’s services extend to the infrastructure space, offering solutions for engineering, construction, operations and maintenance, and the development of Smart Cities, including renewable energy and sustainable solutions.

With an impressive portfolio of services and an ever-increasing suite of solutions, KBR continues to innovate, design, develop and implement advanced solutions that meet the needs of their customers, while ensuring the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety.