Does KBR offer any employee benefits?

Does KBR offer any employee benefits?

KBR is a global leader in providing technical and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. In addition to their solutions, KBR also offers its employees a range of competitive benefits. These benefits have been tailored to provide KBR employees with a sense of financial security, excellent health care, retirement program options, and the support they need outside of work.

KBR offers a comprehensive package of benefits to its employees in order to ensure they are happy, fulfilled and successful in their roles. All full-time employees receive a choice of medical, dental, and vision plans. These benefits come with a prescription drug plan, a nationwide network of doctors and specialists, as well as access to a 24-hour nurse advice line. In addition to these, employees are also provided with company-paid life insurance and optional supplemental life insurance to provide additional protection for their families.

KBR strives to be competitive in their retirement benefits as well. KBR provides a 401K plan with a generous company match. This match goes up to 6% for employees who have been with KBR for at least a year. Additionally, employees can choose from several Investment Options, which provide a diversified portfolio of funds that are professionally managed and properly deducted in order to ensure a secure financial future. KBR also offers an Employee Assistance Program to provide employees with access to counseling services and resources to help them manage work, health, and family needs.

In addition to the direct benefits given to KBR employees, the company also provides a range of services designed to provide flexible and accessible options for employees to further their careers and their lives outside of work. From tuition reimbursement and career development opportunities to community service programs and employee recognition programs, KBR encourages growth and overall wellness of its employees.

Although KBR may not be the most well-known company, the benefits it offers to its employees are on par with many other companies in the same industry. Not only does KBR offer competitive benefits, it also provides resources and services to its employees to ensure that they are fully supported in their career and lives outside of work. As a result, KBR employees are able to enjoy the security and support of an employer that cares.