Covid Safety Guidelines Offered By Tilson Homes

Covid Safety Guidelines Offered By Tilson Homes

Covid-19 has caused a great deal of uncertainty and upheaval in the lives of all Americans, and home builders are no exception. With the restrictions and health & safety regulations due to the pandemic, contractors must adjust their procedures while still striving to provide excellent homes at a fair price. Tilson Homes, a custom home builder in Texas, offers some of the most comprehensive Covid-19 safety guidelines in the industry, so customers can feel confident their homebuilding experience will be safe and efficient.

One of the cornerstones of safe homebuilding during a pandemic is social distancing. Tilson Homes has taken extra precautions by adjusting their job sites to ensure all workers are six feet apart. They have also increased the use of remote communications, such as Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, so that all parties involved can stay informed without having to meet in person.

Another factor of Tilson Homes' Covid-safety regulations is the consistent and rigorous use of face masks. Not only are they mandated on their job sites, but they are also provided to workers, if necessary. This credential also extends to list members who visit the job site, and even to customers who order custom-made homes and visit the locations on their own. This shows Tilson Homes takes the safety of their customers seriously.

Tilson Homes also takes precaution when it comes to their cleaning and sanitization protocols. Workers are encouraged to use sanitizing wipes and sprays on the job site, to ensure that any contaminants, germs, and disease-carrying particles are kept to a minimum. Additionally, they also frequently wash their hands multiple times throughout the day and use gloves in order to protect themselves and others.

By following the outlined protocols, Tilson Homes provides a safe and secure home building experience for customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The safety of their workers and customers is their highest priority, and by following these guidelines the customers can expect to receive their dream home without any fear of getting sick or putting anyone else in danger. With these steps in place, customers can focus on the end result and trust in the quality of their new home, knowing that everyone was kept safe from the virus during the entire process.