Delivery options offered by Texas Sheds and Cabins TX

Delivery options offered by Texas Sheds and Cabins TX

Texas Sheds and Cabins TX offers a variety of delivery options for its custom-made cabins, sheds and other carpentry and construction pieces to ensure customer satisfaction. Established in 1982, Texas Sheds and Cabins TX has over 38 years of experience and knowledge in producing high quality products. Delivery options vary based on customer’s location, product type and budget.

With all orders, Texas Sheds and Cabins TX offers free local delivery services within a 50 miles radius. This includes free unloading and drop off of each construction piece to the delivery location. In some cases, they also offer basic set up services included, depending on the type of product, price and size.

This family owned business also provides delivery services for those who are located outside the 50 miles radius. This is especially useful for those who need their products at a specific location, and for a flat fee, can get them to the desired destination. For opportunities like this, customers should contact the company for prices.

Alongside delivery services for customers outside the 50 miles radius, Texas Sheds and Cabins TX also offers loading dock delivery services, which include on-site setup, ensuring the safety of the product delivered. Customers can also request special delivery if needed and additional fees may be applied depending on the size of product, road and travel conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances.

For the safety of both their customers and their products, Texas Sheds and Cabins TX also has a three-point securement policy during deliveries. All products must be secured onto the truck to provide a secure transportation, with additional straps and reinforcements if needed. The employees at Texas Sheds and Cabins TX are certified in distribution safety and have the necessary safety materials on hand.

Texas Sheds and Cabins TX understands that its customers have different needs and wants different delivery options when it comes to their carpentry and construction pieces. As an experienced company that offers high quality products and services, Texas Sheds and Cabins TX is committed to provide the best delivery services to its customers at an affordable price.