Types of Projects Completed by Full Moon Builders

Types of Projects Completed by Full Moon Builders

Full Moon Builders (FMB) is a general commercial construction company based in Houston, Texas. They provide a full range of commercial construction services for both public and private entities. Their mission is to complete projects on time and to exceed customer expectations.

FMB can handle projects of all sizes. From small renovations to full-scale build-outs, the experienced staff and qualified personnel are knowledgeable in a number of construction types and can handle just about any job. They are experienced with a variety of materials, finishes and methods to ensure their projects are completed at the highest level of quality.

FMB specializes in a variety of projects, including restaurant construction, tenant improvements, retail fit-outs, industrial parks, office buildings, hospitality and entertainment spaces, educational facilities and more. Their staff has an extensive portfolio of experience in a wide range of projects, including new and existing construction, renovations, landscaping and more.

The team at FMB understands that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and works hard to deliver superior results. They strive to provide the highest levels of customer service and attention to detail when it comes to their projects. They have collaborations with some of the best app partners to provide real-time project updates and to ensure all elements of the project meet their meticulous standards. Additionally, FMB will do any clean up work and necessary restoration upon completion of the project.

Full Moon Builders offers a complete range of commercial construction services that arrive on time and on budget. Their expertise in a variety of construction types and wide range of projects ensures they are capable of taking on and executing successful builds. From foundation to finish, they can handle every aspect of the construction to make sure the customer’s goals and standards are met.