Industries Served by Full Moon Builders

Industries Served by Full Moon Builders

Full Moon Builders is a general commercial construction company based in Houston, TX. They provide full-service construction and restoration for a variety of industries. FMB has the tools and experience to take on large-scale commercial projects covering everything from construction and renovation to clean up and restoration.

The industries served by Full Moon Builders range from healthcare and education, to industrial and commercial businesses. In the healthcare industry, FMB assists with a variety of construction projects, including remodeling, renovation, and brand-new builds. FMB specializes in working with healthcare facilities to ensure the space meets all industry regulations and standards. In the education sector, FMB offers its expertise in construction, remodeling and new facilities. Additionally, they will work with a school to provide aide in clean-up and restoration during times of need.

Full Moon Builders is also experienced in the industrial industry, offering services such as construction and maintenance of warehouses, industrial buildings and distribution centers. This includes pre-engineered buildings, along with any custom designs requested by the customer.

In the commercial sector, FMB can work on projects such as office and retail buildings, medical offices, restaurants and hotels. They assist in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, customizing to meet the needs of the customer. Full Moon Builders also offers services when it comes to clean-up and restoration of any kind, offering reliable and prompt service to get your business back up and running as fast as possible.

At Full Moon Builders, they take a personal approach to every project and are dedicated to meeting the customer's wants and needs. With the highest level of quality and safety, FMB is the perfect go-to for all commercial construction projects, regardless of the industry. From healthcare and hospitality, to industrial and educational, FMB works with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you need.