How do customers contact Squarespace if they have questions or need help?

When customers need help or have questions about Squarespace, they have multiple avenues they can pursue to get the answers they need. Firstly, customers can take a look at the expansive Squarespace Help Center, which has detailed tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. The Help Center is organized into sections that categorize their information, making it easy to find exactly what a customer is looking for with minimal effort.

If customers don’t find the answer to their question in the Help Center, Squarespace also offers a few other options. Customers can start a chat with Squarespace’s online customer service agents in the chat window found at the bottom right of their website. They also offer email support that customers can use for more specific questions.

Customers can also reach out to Squarespace on their active social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook. Squarespace actively responds to customer inquiries and addresses common questions, so searching through their social media accounts is often a good first step for finding the information a customer needs.

Finally, Squarespace also offers support via phone, allowing customers to quickly call a customer service representative and get the answers they need. All of these avenues are available to customers looking for help, so they can easily reach out and get the information they need to get the most out of their Squarespace account.