What are the Reviews of Drake Homes Inc. from Current and Former Homeowners?

What are the Reviews of Drake Homes Inc. from Current and Former Homeowners?

Drake Homes Inc. is a well-established, trusted home builder in the Houston area, having been in business since 2001. Offering affordable homes that are conveniently located, Drake Homes Inc. has created a signature as a well-known and respected home builder within the Houston inner loop, and have also built homes in the suburbs such as The Woodlands and even been involved in construction projects in Florida.

Their mission to build good relationships with their clients and homeowners before, during, and after the purchase of their home has earned Drake Homes Inc. many positive reviews from current and former homeowners. Many of those who acquired their services in the Houston area praise their commitment to customer service and their attention to detail. Several people have remarked that upon the completion of the project, their homes looked exactly the way they envisioned it to be.

On the other hand, some former clients have voiced their dissatisfaction with the quality of their service, citing concerns over inadequate communication, excessive customer wait time, and maintenance issues that were not resolved to their satisfaction. Some also experienced issues with deliveries being slow and/or incorrect.

Fortunately, it appears that Drake Homes Inc. has been listening to these concerns and has taken steps to correct them. They have improved their communication by creating a ticket system for customer inquiries and have instituted better measures to ensure that deadlines are met. They have also addressed customer complaints about maintenance issues by introducing a warranty plan for their homes.

Overall, the reviews for Drake Homes Inc. seem to be mostly positive, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the home building services they received. The company seems to be taking customer feedback seriously and doing its best to address these complaints and ensure that each and every customer receives the best quality of service.