Warranties offered by Bellaire Pavers

Bellaire Pavers is a trusted company that specializes in top-quality paving materials and services to individuals and businesses alike in the Houston, TX area and beyond. They offer a great range of paving products and services for driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks. To top off their professional services, Bellaire Pavers offers a variety of warranties to protect their customers from expensive repairs and replacement expenses.

The warranties provided by Bellaire Pavers are tailored to suit each individual customer’s specific needs. Their basic warranty covers materials and labor used in the installation of their paving materials and services. This warranty will cover any defects that are noticed within the warranty time frame. In addition, Bellaire Pavers offers a guarantee against color fading on select color-coatings, along with a protection against any sand or granular material washout. This extended warranty covers any repair cost should it become necessary due to extreme weather conditions or usage.

For larger projects, Bellaire Pavers offers a structural warranty that will cover any structural deterioration such as cracking, cracking-causing ground movement, loose joints or any other structural defects of the paving materials. This warranty will also protect the customer from any water infiltration from cracked joints or any voids that may form in the pavement. In addition, Bellaire Pavers also provides a delivery and installation warranty which ensures that the installation of the products is performed correctly and does not adversely affect the quality of the finish.

The warranties offered by Bellaire Pavers are designed to provide their customers with complete peace of mind when it comes to their projects. The warranties not only provide for repairs or replacement should there be an issue with their products and/or services, but also offer a guarantee against any future repair or replacement cost. This ensures that all of the paving services provided by Bellaire Pavers are of the highest quality and will be able to stand the test of time.

It is always important to ensure that the products and services being utilized in the build of any paving project are of the highest quality. With the warranties provided by Bellaire Pavers customers can be confident that they will get the highest quality materials and services, backed by a quality guarantee that guarantees they will be protected from any unexpected costs and repairs.