Bellaire Pavers Professional Installation Process

Bellaire Pavers is a professional hardscaping company based in Texas that strives to provide its clients with the highest quality paving services available. With over 40 years of experience in paving and hardscaping, Bellaire Pavers has established itself as a long-term partner that can provide clients with tailored solutions to meet their outdoor living needs. The company's professional installation process ensures seamless, high-quality projects every time.

To begin the paving installation process, Bellaire Pavers performs a full area assessment to evaluate the existing condition of the paving or hardscaping site. All existing problems are noted and discussed with the customer, ranging from soil-stability to structural support. This assessment allows the customer to know what areas will need to be addressed and what steps need to be taken to make sure the foundation is strong and secure. This is also a great opportunity to get a clear understanding of what the customer wants to accomplish with their project.

Next, Bellaire Pavers designs the installation with modern and traditional designs that are sure to fit the look and feel desired by the customer. After the design is approved, Bellaire Pavers then brings in a team of experienced professionals with the tools, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the project according to the timeline outlined. Once the project is underway, Bellaire Pavers takes care of the entire installation process, from demolition of the existing pavers to the installation of the new ones.

To ensure high-quality results, Bellaire Pavers incorporates methods like grid-infill, joint-filling, edging, and leveling to ensure the pavers are securely and consistently placed. During the installation process, Bellaire Pavers follows industry standards and safety protocols, including always wearing appropriate equipment and using the proper tools. The last step is to seal the pavers to add years of life to the installation.

When working with Bellaire Pavers, customers can rest assured that their paving or hardscaping projects will be completed successfully and to their satisfaction. The company's professional installation process ensures that every step is taken to create a safe and beautiful outdoor space. With such an experienced team, personalized services, and quality craftsmanship, Bellaire Pavers is the perfect option to get the outdoor living area of your dreams.