Avan Construction project portfolio and past clients

Avan Construction project portfolio and past clients

Avan Construction is a Houston, Texas based general contractor, builder and remodeler that specialize in construction projects for residential and commercial clients. Avan has a wide range of experience in construction, renovation, and building design services. They work closely with clients to create and execute a building plan to suit the goals and needs of the project at hand.

Avan Construction’s portfolio is rich in diverse projects. They have developed homes, custom car detailing shops and multi-level condominiums in your area. Avan’s dedication to complete customer satisfaction is evident in their commitment to providing the best construction experience in the business.

Avan has completed projects for both large and small clients. Some of their past large scale projects include the construction of a new school, a small business headquarters, a six-story office building, and a shopping mall. In addition, they have successfully completed several luxury condominiums as well as apartment and loft complexes.

Avan Construction has also completed projects for small businesses in the Houston area. Their work has included store remodels, custom car detailing shops, and other small businesses. Avan Construction works diligently to ensure that each of these projects are done successfully for the small business owners.

Avan Construction delivers the highest quality construction services in Houston. The company is committed to exceeding their clients’ expectations on every project. From planning to design and construction, Avan Construction has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to make every project a success. With their commitment to excellence, Avan Construction is sure to produce stunning, long-lasting results.