G2 Cleaning Company Locations

The G2 Cleaning Company is one of the leading providers of commercial cleaning services in the United States. Founded in 2001, the company has grown to seven locations across the US and services all 50 states. Each G2 Cleaning Company location is staffed by highly trained personnel whose primary focus is to provide the best quality and satisfaction for clients. With years of experience, G2 Cleaning Company’s team of experts possess the knowledge and skills needed to meet even the most demanding of customer needs.

The G2 Cleaning Company locations are located in strategic locations throughout the country, from the bustling cities of Los Angeles, New York and Miami, to smaller towns like Wichita, Omaha and Birmingham. All locations are 100% owned and operated by G2 and offer a wide variety of services for both commercial and residential clients, ranging from basic cleaning to specialized advanced methods. Whether it’s carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, grout cleaning, mold and mildew elimination or floor care—G2 Cleaning Company teams have the expertise to perform the task with precision and quality service.

What sets G2 Cleaning Company apart from the rest is its commitment to the environment. The company is dedicated to using green solutions and the proper selection of chemicals and disinfectants to ensure the safest possible cleaning. Furthermore, the company offers green certification programs to ensure that their clients are educated and informed on their commitment to offer the best and most environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available.

At G2 Cleaning Company, client satisfaction and safety are put first. The company has established a system to guarantee that every job is done exactly to the customer’s specifications and preferences. All technicians are well aware of the potential health risks associated with cleaning chemicals and are trained to always practice safe cleaning procedures. Furthermore, background checks and drug tests are mandatory for all technicians, so clients can rest easy knowing their property is in capable and honest hands.

G2 Cleaning Company is dedicated to providing the best cleaning solutions and services in the business. With seven locations across the US, it is truly America’s go-to-cleaning company. No matter the need, G2 Cleaning Company has the staff and the expertise to get the job done right—quickly and safely.