What Types of Composite Granite Does West U Marble Company, LLC Offer?

West U Marble Company, LLC is a full-service marble, cultured marble and composite granite supplier based in Houston, TX. Offering custom fabrication, installation, service and repair, the company’s products enhance the beauty of both residential and commercial spaces. West U Marble Company, LLC specializes in providing clients with an impressive selection of composite granite.

Composite Granite (also known as "Engineered Stone") is a man-made material that consists of resin and crushed, natural stone. These materials are mixed together and formed into slabs, which can then be fabricated into countertops, tiles, and other surfaces. Composite granite is popular for its durability, low maintenance expectations, and aesthetic properties, which makes it ideal for a variety of home projects.

At West U Marble Company, LLC, clients can choose from numerous designs of composite granite. These include natural-looking stone and marble designs with intricate veining, vibrant colors, and speckled appearances. The company offers top-quality composite granite from well-known brands like Fenix, White Attica, and Arenal, as well as limited-release designs for a unique look. They also have a wide variety of border and edging options to customize the look of the design.

Whether the project involves a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, or shower wall, West U Marble Company, LLC can provide the necessary composite granite. They are well-known for providing high-quality materials and professional installation services, promising a luxurious yet reliable result. They also have a wide selection of samples to choose from, allowing clients to visualize which option looks best on their space.

West U Marble Company, LLC is the premier supplier of composite granite in Houston, offering unbeatable service and quality materials. With a wide range of designs and colors to choose from, they make it easy to find a composite granite solution that looks great and lasts for years. Whether remodeling their entire kitchen or simply replacing their bathroom countertop, their composite granite will turn homeowners’ dreams into reality.