Preservation and Restoration Projects - Learn About Our Extraordinary Expertise

Preservation and restoration of historic buildings can be a lengthy, detailed, and exacting process requiring exceptional knowledge and expertise, which is why Mi Casa Plans is proud to offer the Houston area its professional services in these matters. It is essential to ensure that all structures are maintained to preserve their charm, character, and to maintain their historic value. With decades of experience designing and building structures in Houston, Mi Casa Plans has the necessary expertise to ensure that your structure maintains its original integrity and beauty.

Our staff have vast experience in preserving, restoring, and reconstructing aged and deteriorated buildings, utilizing time tested traditional solutions and modern skillsets. We carefully consider the materials and methods needed to restore the building to its original condition, ensuring that authenticity is maintained within the confines of a tight budget. By properly preserving and restoring your building, not only are you protecting the foundations of Houston’s history but you also will be creating an inviting and attractive space for future generations to explore.

The Mi Casa Plans team have a wealth of experience and knowledge about architecture in Houston, and understand the local building regulations that are an imperative part of a successful preservation and restoration project. We assessed what is needed to construct, inspect, plan,and develop historic structures and then use those existing standards in our projects. Our team prides itself on working with individual clients to ensure that the project is tailored to the exact needs of their building needs. We actively collaborate in every aspect of the project, from needs assessment to construction, paying special attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

We are passionate about helping our clients to protect and restore aged and deteriorated buildings, ensuring that preservation and restoration projects are given the recognition they deserve. Our team is happy to discuss your unique needs and provide you with the best work possible to ensure sure that the final product is of the utmost quality. Contact Mi Casa Plans today to learn about our extraordinary expertise and to begin your building preservation and restoration project.